Fintech algorithms to
accelerate your digital strategy

The finzzy collection

A set of fintech Algorithms developed to empower banks and developers with the building blocks needed to accelerate their digital strategies.

What will you build?

The Engines

Empathic Engagement Engine

Adapt to resonate with unique personalities

Build greater empathy with your customers by dynamically adapting your approach to best connect with each individual’s style of engagement and decision making.

Contextual Insights Engine

Engage in the moments that matter

Complement your customers’ lifestyle as they go about their day, ensuring your engagement is not treated as noise, but as valued insights in the right moment.

The Algorithms

How are you amplifying your strategy?

Leverage our algorithms to bring best-in-breed performance to accelerate your digital strategy.


Classify and conquer

Text analytics for automatic and customized categorization.


Know thy customer

Machine learning models to expand holistic knowledge of customers.


Seeing the future

Predictive modeling of events and behavior for actionable insight creation.


Eyes on all fronts

Data mining for insights on unique event detection.


Wisdom and guidance

Collaborative filtering and data mining techniques for recommended actions.


The power to learn

Natural language interaction for rich and intuitive insights.

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